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The Adventurers Scavenger Hunt

Bert Porter was an avid adventurer and collector.

He developed a natural history collection on his trips through North America, South America, and Asia. The Porter House Museum contains hundreds of his butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders, rocks, and fossils of all colors and sizes.  Some of the butterfly specimens in the collection were caught by Bert over 100 years ago! ​

The rock wall contains numerous rock and fossil specimens, all handcut and placed over a six-year period. 

We hid a glimpse of some of our favorites from inside the Porter House collection around the garden for you to find! 

We encourage you to share your findings on our Facebook page or with the social hashtag: #PHMScavengerHunt 

Please print your own or

grab a printed black and white copy from the front porch.

Visiting us on your mobile? Click here to view online. 

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